My Philosophy


My philosophy as an expert witness.

I n the development of my philosophy as an expert witness I try to put myself in the place of the client. Typically, the client must make decisions that are hugely consequential. To aid in that decision making process, they seek relevant information from the vast and bewildering compendium of medical knowledge. Even in the so-called information age, Google and other open source references offer no substitute for an experienced and credible subject matter expert.

In cases of medical malpractice, medical disability, and other medially related legal disputes, plaintiffs and defendants both seek the security and reassurance that comes from thoughtful guidance of an honest, authentic expert with professional integrity and unimpeachable credentials. In such cases I seek to favorably influence the settlement value in favor of my client by bringing testimony that is intelligible, scientifically sound, and persuasive.


I am committed to excellent client service.

Clients have virtually unlimited access to me for communication as the need arises. Clients can expect a timely work product and when needed "stat" service can be provided. All materials are thoroughly reviewed. In some cases, highly trained allied health professionals are employed to expedite service and reduce costs.


Code of Ethics for a Expert Witness .

1. A member must be an acknowledged expert, having the appropriate education and experience, in the specific area in which he or she is testifying. A member shall not misrepresent his or her education and experience.

2. Expert witness testimony is considered the practice of medicine and should be provided in an objective manner using medical knowledge to form expert medical opinions that are subject to peer review.

3. A member providing expert testimony should be diligent in his or her preparation and should thoroughly review all pertinent medical records and all relevant information that has a bearing on the testimony.

4. Expert witness testimony should be fair, accurate, thorough, and objective.

5. A member appearing as an expert witness must identify personal opinions not generally accepted by other cardiologists.

6. A member shall not knowingly give false expert witness testimony or fail to perform adequate due diligence to determine the truth or falsity of the testimony.

7. Compensation for expert testimony should be reasonable and commensurate with the time and effort expended and not be contingent upon the outcome of litigation.